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Welcome to Loop Creator Empowertech

Loop is a hybrid platform that was conceived from the Creator mindsets of two Unified Communications entrepreneurs with support from their families, friends, and colleagues. Loop solidifies Creators (we view everyone as a Creator) having full ownership of their content, creations, and audience, while conveniently allowing simple engagement with group sizes of 2 to 20 million.  Loop incorporates a Web3 strategy that introduces decentralization and the opportunity for true digital ownership through our built-in LoopNFT marketplace. Loop focuses on true ownership and gives Creators the opportunity to create, secure, and monetize intellectual property, smart contracts & NFTs. Many creators will see it as a path to becoming less reliant on traditional platforms and as a more opportunistic and entrepreneurial business model.


Loop is a Creator platform dashboard for celebrities, creators, and influencers. The Creator will have full ownership and direction of their platform as well as the ability to have closer engagement with their true fans. Creators will empower themselves by way of Loop Creator Empowerment Technology (Creator Empowertech), a comprehensive set of monetization tools and resources to guide Creators to success. Our target market includes Creators, Influencers, Athletes, Fans, and Subscribers across categories that include music, sports, podcasters, artists, speakers, and instructors with follower bases from two to two hundred million fans.

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