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New User Experience

Creators, the creator revolution starts now on Loop - rally your fans, own your content, and seize control of your passion by unlocking new revenue channels as we shift power back into the hands of trailblazing talent like you!


Step 1. Go to

Don't have an account? Click Sign up.


Enter your Name, Email, and Password, and review and agree to the Terms of Use and

Privacy Policy.








You will be prompted to go to your email and confirm your account.


Once you confirm your email address, you can then start using the Loop Platform as a Fan, Follower, or Subscriber.


You can now customize your user name and add a profile picture of your choice.





Step 2. Becoming a Creator

To become a Creator, Influencer, or Entrepreneur on Loop, go to your home profile page and click on More located on the bottom left-hand side, and then click on settings:


  • Go to your home profile page and click on the More button (bottom left)

  • Click on Settings and then click on Verify

  • Enter your Date of Birth

  • Upload and Submit a photo of your Government-issued ID - make sure to Upload a clear photo of your Driver's License, Passport, or Government-issued ID to verify your identity

  • Wait for ID approval from the Loop Admin - It usually takes 5-10 minutes to review your ID document

  • Check for 3 green verification ticks - Once your ID is approved, you will see 3 green verification ticks showing the account is fully verified




Congratulations verified Loop Creator!  Unlock a whole new world of income streams and fan engagement possibilities:

  • Get Paid for Exclusive Content - Offer subscribers-only access to in-depth courses, videos, downloads, and more on your hottest topics!

  • Build a Loyal Fan Network - Let viewers tip what they think you deserve directly and watch the appreciation pour in.

  • Go Live & Get Paid - Host exclusive pay-per-view streams with your most engaged fans for everything from tutorials to Q&As!

  • Expand Your Reach - Continue posting free content to draw more eyes while paid content rewards your biggest supporters.

  • Score Affiliate Revenue - Showcase relevant products/services and earn commissions when eager viewers purchase through your links.

  • Spotlight Fan Love - Repost and highlight when delighted fans mention you or your brand for an authentic shoutout.

As a Creator, you can choose to be one of the following: 

  1. Paid/Subscription Creator 

  2. Unpaid/Follow Me, Creator


To Set up as a  Paid/Subscription Creator

  • Click on Rates in the Settings menu

  • Click on the Paid profile so that it’s highlighted in purple

  • Set your Monthly subscription price (i.e. $3 per month) 

  • Then set your Monthly price per month for 3 months, 6 months, and yearly 

  • A  promo discount can be applied for any of these commitments

  • Make sure you click Save at the bottom when finished

To Set up as an Unpaid/Follow Me Creator:

  • Go to Rates

  • Make sure the Rates Button is turned off

We are thrilled you joined Loop's Creator movement! Our team's here to help smooth your transition - any setup questions or need anything else, drop us a line at We want to see you succeed and look forward to the amazing content you produce! Onward & upward!

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