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New User Experience


Step 1. Go to



Don't have an account? Click Sign up


Enter your Name, Email, and Password, and review and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy









You will be prompted to go to your email and confirm your account


Once you confirm your email address, you can then start using the Loop Platform


Customize your user name and add your profile picture of your choice. Go to Profile in Settings and start building

your profile page. Upload a Cover image, and an avatar image and fill out your Username.  






If you are a Creator, Influencer, or Business Leader, follow the instructions for step 2.

If you are a fan, or supporter or wish to follow or subscribe, go to Step 3


Step 2. Becoming a Creator


  • Confirm your email address - Click the verification link sent to your email to confirm you control the address

  • Enter your date of birth - Input your full date of birth in your account settings to verify your age

  • Upload and submit a photo of your government-issued ID - Upload a clear photo of driver's license, passport, etc to verify your identity

  • Wait for ID approval - It takes 5-10 minutes to review your ID document; wait for approval before moving forward

  • Check for 3 green verification ticks - Once your ID is approved, you will see 3 green verification ticks showing the account is fully verified




Next, click on the VERIFY Tab, in order to get verified and receive your Creator badge.



Complete Account Verification:



As a verified creator, you can:


Offer paid subscription content

Receive tips from followers

Host pay-per-view live streams

Post free content for followers

Engage your audience with messages and chat

To become a Paid/Subscription Creator click on Rates in the Settings menu:





Click on the Paid profile so that it’s highlighted in purple.  

Set your Monthly subscription price (i.e. $3 per month.) 

Then set your Monthly price per month for 3 months, 6 months, and yearly. 

A  promo discount can be applied for any of these commitments. 

Make sure you click Save at the bottom when finished!   

To become an Unpaid/Follow Me Creator, you should just leave the Paid profile button off in the Rates

area so that it is not highlighted in Purple.

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